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  • SAA.45 CO2 Metal Revolver (6mm BB, Antique Black)
  • Brand: Run In Workshop
  • Product Code: RIW-SSAAB
  • Gun Weight (g): 990g(with package)
  • Availabiltiy: In Stock
  • PRICE: US$190
  • TOTAL PRICE: US$190.00
The 1873 revolver, universally known as the Single Action, Peacemaker, or Frontier, is one of the most popular and legendary small arms in USA. It is also one of the longest living production small arms, being produced for some 130 years and still popular. The 1873 was actually developed by the 1872, based on the patents granted to Charles B. Richards (cartridge conversion of the open-top percussion revolvers) and W. Mason (improved ejector). In 1873, US Army adopted this revolver along with its black powder centerfire cartridge of .45 caliber, and issued it to troops in 2 models. The Army / Cavalry model had a 7½ inch barrel, and the artillery model had 5½ barrel. Both were chambered in .45 (also known as .45Long or .45LC). For the civilian market, also initially produced same gun in .44-40 WCF and .32-20WCF, later adding more modern chamberings like .38 S&W Special (.38Spl), .44 S&W Special (.44Spl), .357 Magnum, .22LR. Civilian guns also were available in various barrel lengths, varying from 4¾ and up to 12 inches. There also was a Bisley model, which appeared near the turn of the centuries. Bisleys were intended as a target guns, and had hammers with wider and lower spurs, and a different grip frame.
Item Weight (gram) 970
Major Color Black
Length 275mm
Hop-up Fixed
Shooting Mode Semi-Automatic
Magazine Capacity 6
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Pistol Power Source CO2 Gas
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 390 FPS
Manufacturer Umarex
Package Includes
  • Umarex (GH) SAA.45 CO2 Metal Revolver (6mm BB, Blued/Brown)
  • 6 round cartridges
  • Instruction Manual
  • Original Box

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